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This page has information about a cab in Phoenix Arizona. Our company has many cabs to offer for any of your needs. Learn about all the services our company has to offer.

There are many types of vehicles and ways of hiring, negotiating payment and dispatching because things like this exist. Contact us and get a free quote for any part of the Phoenix area today.

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The majority of a cab driver’s wage is earned from tips. If you’re getting a cab in Phoenix it is common curiosity to tip your driver, unless you were dissatisfied with the service. When you get into a cab you should enquire about fares. 5% - 15% of the overall fare is the average tip. You can tip more or less depending on how satisfied you were with the service. For example, you might tip the driver more if they were especially friendly or helpful.

If you are making a flight or need to be somewhere at a specific time you should allow twenty minutes for delays in your schedule. You should ask your driver about traffic delays if necessary. If a cab is picking you up and it is more than twenty minutes late you should phone the company you arranged the service with and inquire to the whereabouts of your driver. Due to the nature of the business a slight delay in pickup is nothing out-of-the-ordinary.

All cab drivers are required by law to display a special license in the rear window. This license is renewed each year. You should look for this before getting in a cab, it should clearly display the current year. You should also look for a special number plate. While in the vehicle you should also pay close attention to the meter. By law meters are not allowed to be tampered with, look for special seals. Never use a ‘gypsy’ or unregistered cab. These cabs will most likely not meet legal requirements nor will they have the relevant insurance policies. Contact us if you need a cab in the Phoenix area. All our drivers are registered taxi drivers.

What you should expect
A cab in Phoenix should be clean and comfortable. Before departing make sure to ask the driver if they accept credit and debit cards if you do not have enough cash on hand. If the driver doesn’t have a working card machine they may offer to bring you to an ATM. If you feel uncomfortable with this idea you can say no; especially if you are in a new area.

Cab Phoenix

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