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Cabs in Phoenix AZ are fitted with meters for calculating the price of your journey. But have you ever wondered how the meters calculate your fare? Taxi meters don’t just measure distance traveled, they also measure time spent waiting in traffic and extra charges like crossing toll roads and baggage assistance.

The meter, like most pieces of technology, are a lot more complicated than you might first think. It relies on sensory information from the car’s transmission. The sensor notifies the meter every time a certain distance is traveled. Once you get into a cab the driver will add a charge for simply hailing or calling the cab. Usually something like $2.50. The driver will manually add any other fees, like peak-time or after-midnight fees. While you travel the meter will add a fixed amount for every half a mile traveled or for every minute not in motion. For stop-and-go situations the meter combines both the time waiting and the distance traveled to calculate the added fee. Fees will change when you leave or enter a city or urban area.

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If you are new to an area you should always be wary of taxi scams. The most common scam is when the driver travels the longest possible route or sometimes just goes in circles. To avoid this make sure you have a map of the local area. You can also get smartphone applications that show you the quickest route or tracks the roads you are traveling. If you notice the cab driver is taking a longer route, say it to them. If they’re traveling in circles take down their taxi ID number which should be clearly displayed, or the car’s number plate. Then question the driver on his actions. When your trip is over make sure to complain to the company or to Phoenix Weights and Measures who regulate are responsible for taxi regulation.

Another scam you should watch out for is the driver inputting the incorrect zone. Fares change depending on the area you’re traveling in. They generally are cheaper depending on how urban the area is. Before traveling you should research the relevant fees. If you are wary of the rate being charged ask the driver what area code was inputted. If you are looking for reliable cabs in Phoenix AZ you can phone North American Car Service for a quote or use our website to find out more information.

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